How To Choose A Restaurant Wedding Venue

Restaurants are the perfect wedding venue. It is especially so if they are spacious enough to accommodate your guests. So, how do you decide which restaurant is an ideal wedding venue? Below are some insights.  Location The rule when choosing a venue is ensuring it is convenient for your guests. Although you may be inclined to hold the wedding in a dream location, it is wise to consider your guests since you want each one of them to attend the event. Read More 

Two Tips for People Who Are Going to Visit a High-End Restaurant for the First Time

If you'll be visiting a high-end restaurant for the first time and suspect you might find dining in this luxurious setting a bit daunting, you should read through these tips. Try ordering at least one ultra-fancy dish you've never tried before If going to a high-end restaurant is a unique experience for you, then you can look forward to trying dishes you might not have eaten before. You may even want to try something you wouldn't normally order. Read More 

4 Authentic Soups From Your Local Chinese Takeaway

If you often opt for soup as a starter when ordering a Chinese takeaway, you'll be familiar with classic varieties, such as chicken noodle or crabmeat and sweetcorn. As delicious as these soups are, they are not the only options on offer. Most Chinese takeaways have a number of authentic soup recipes on their menu. Here are four soups that are worth looking out for when ordering your next takeaway: Read More 

Finding the Perfect Sports Bar: Three Things to Look Out For

Sport is a massive part of Australian culture. So if you want to enjoy watching rugby, cricket or athletics, you may be thinking about heading down to a sports bar. If you don't often frequent sports bars, you may be wondering about what to look out for in a high-quality establishment. Read on to find out more. Multiple TV screens While most sports bars have one main screen onto which the event is projected, it is also important to check out if the establishment also has smaller screens dotted around the place. Read More 

Easy Keto Italian

If you're a fan of Italian food but are following a low-carb high-fat diet (LCHF), you may find that the abundance of pasta and bread won't fit into your macronutrient limits. The low-carb high-fat diet, also known as the keto diet, is a bit of a craze right now as many people experience rapid weight loss with it. The LCHF diet aims to drop glycogen levels in the body enough so that the body becomes more efficient at burning fat for fuel, but it's a diet that you must be consistent with because it is only effective if you can stick to it. Read More