4 Authentic Soups From Your Local Chinese Takeaway

If you often opt for soup as a starter when ordering a Chinese takeaway, you'll be familiar with classic varieties, such as chicken noodle or crabmeat and sweetcorn. As delicious as these soups are, they are not the only options on offer. Most Chinese takeaways have a number of authentic soup recipes on their menu. Here are four soups that are worth looking out for when ordering your next takeaway:

Cantonese Seafood Soup

Cantonese seafood soup originated in Hong Kong and consists of a variety of fresh seafood cooked in a rich fish broth that's thickened with cornflour to create a smooth, creamy base. Prawns, crabmeat, clams, squid and white fish, such as sole, are commonly used in this soup, and a squeeze of lemon juice is added just before serving. This soup is ideal for seafood lovers and those who want a low-carb soup that doesn't skimp on flavour.

Hot And Sour Soup

Hot and sour soup is a popular dish in Sichuan cuisine that consists of a base made with chicken stock, red chillies, soy sauce, white vinegar and sesame oil. The chillies provide the heat and the vinegar provides the subtle sour flavour that this soup is characterised by. Finely sliced pork, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, firm tofu and spring onions are added to the soup, and it's served with a garnish of fresh coriander. Hot and sour soup is a hearty dish that can be enjoyed as a starter or as a small main meal on its own or with steamed dumplings.

Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is popular throughout China and is enjoyed in restaurants and from street food vendors. It's a light, simple soup consisting of chicken broth seasoned with black pepper and spring onions. Tofu and corn are added to the broth and a beaten egg is stirred into the broth just before serving. Stirring the egg into the hot broth creates thin, fluffy strands of egg that float in the soup.

Black Chicken Soup

Black chicken soup is made with a breed of chicken known as silkies, which have black skin and are smaller than standard chickens bred for meat. Silkie meat has a slightly gamey taste and has higher levels of vitamins and minerals than other varieties of chicken. This soup originates in Southeast China and consists of bone-in chicken pieces cooked in chicken broth with ginger, coriander and red dates, which are high in vitamin C and add a slight sweetness to the soup. This hearty, warming soup is simple yet full of flavour.

These are just a few examples of authentic soup dishes that can be found on the menu at Chinese takeaways across Australia. Next time you order Chinese, try a new soup alongside your favourite main dish.

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