How To Choose A Restaurant Wedding Venue

Restaurants are the perfect wedding venue. It is especially so if they are spacious enough to accommodate your guests. So, how do you decide which restaurant is an ideal wedding venue? Below are some insights. 


The rule when choosing a venue is ensuring it is convenient for your guests. Although you may be inclined to hold the wedding in a dream location, it is wise to consider your guests since you want each one of them to attend the event. Besides location, you should consider accessibility. For example, does the area have chronic jams or poor roads? If it does, you may opt to organise specialised transport for your guests to ensure they arrive at the same time.     

Restaurant Facilities 

As a wedding venue, the restaurant should have the following facilities: 

  • Ample parking for your guests. Valet parking services are an added advantage.
  • Adequate security. Some establishments go the extra mile and deploy security guards to usher and manage guests.
  • A private ballroom, beach, or rooftop. Remember, you do not want other guests to interfere with your wedding. 

Management Policy

Contact the restaurant management and inform them of your intent to hold your wedding at the facility. If they agree, ask for their terms and conditions to establish what to expect on the wedding day. For instance, some restaurants will compel you to use their kitchen staff to cater to your guests. If this is the case, conduct a background check on their expertise in preparing the meals you want to serve at your wedding. Besides, ask for a tasting before the wedding day to ensure you are confident with the foods served. For an outdoor wedding, check whether the restaurant offers complimentary services such as tents, décor, lighting and sound. What is the restaurant's noise policy? Remember, you do not want your event to affect the comfort of other guests. How long can you use the venue? It is an essential concern since some restaurants close early. 


If you are comfortable with the restaurant's facilities and policies, ask for a quote to know how much they charge for the venue. Ideally, you should have three quotes from restaurants offering similar services. They will help you determine the current market rates and give you the upper hand when bargaining. Before bargaining, ask the management how you can reduce the total charges. For instance, you might decide to do away with additional lighting. Once you are comfortable with the quote, ask the management for a discount. 

When hiring a restaurant wedding venue, choose a convenient location, the available facilities, management policy and the pricing. For more information, contact a local venue, like Parafield Gardens Community Club Inc.