Home-Cooked Chinese Vs. Eating At A Chinese Restaurant - 2 Differences To Expect

The opportunity to go and eat at a Chinese restaurant is a tasty treat indeed. You love to cook Chinese food at home for the family, but you've never had the chance to eat at a Chinese restaurant before, so you're wondering what sorts of differences you should expect to see. While the obvious difference is that someone else gets to do the cooking for a change, you will notice a couple of other changes between restaurant Chinese and what you make at home. Read More 

Taking Care of Your Cavity Filling: 3 Tips for Eating at Steak and Seafood Restaurants the Days After

After getting your cavities filled, most dentists recommend waiting 24 hours for the filling to completely cure before eating solid foods. Once the filling has completely cured, you might still experience some soreness and tooth sensitivity; however, you should still be able to enjoy dinners at a local steak and seafood restaurant. To prevent damaging the cavity fillings, here are 3 tips you should keep in mind at dinner. Avoid Ordering Entrees of Crustaceans with Hard Shells Read More 

4 Traditional Lu Cuisine Dishes You Must Try

Lu cuisine originates in the province of Shandong, and as the province is on the coast, seafood is often used in traditional dishes. Squid, scallops and prawns are popular, but flavourful soups and fresh vegetables are also found in abundance throughout the region. Soups are served with a local porridge known as congee or steamed bread made with millet or barley. Commonly used vegetables include aubergines, mushrooms and cabbage, and if you're not a fan of seafood, you'll be glad to know chicken and pork are also used in traditional Lu cooking. Read More 

Events Catering: 4 Tips on Reducing Cumulative Expenses

The catering aspect is a critical element to evaluate when planning for diverse events, including corporate, weddings and even formal family functions. Ideally, there are virtually limitless options with regard to the menu and caterers. However, the potential expenses of most choices can be limiting, especially if you are on a controlled budget. Here are simple tips to help you achieve ideal event catering without exorbitant costs. 1. Leverage Promotional Opportunities Read More 

Indian Food | 3 Informative Tips To Familiarise Yourself With Indian Cuisine For Your Office Dinner

If you've been entrusted with the responsibility of planning the menu for your next office dinner, choosing Indian food adds a layer of depth and exoticness to your evening. But if you're not familiar with the concept of Indian food, your job just got harder. Choosing the best Indian restaurant is not  just about finding one with the most expensive price tag or one that ranks high on your Internet search. Read More