Taking Care of Your Cavity Filling: 3 Tips for Eating at Steak and Seafood Restaurants the Days After

After getting your cavities filled, most dentists recommend waiting 24 hours for the filling to completely cure before eating solid foods. Once the filling has completely cured, you might still experience some soreness and tooth sensitivity; however, you should still be able to enjoy dinners at a local steak and seafood restaurant. To prevent damaging the cavity fillings, here are 3 tips you should keep in mind at dinner.

Avoid Ordering Entrees of Crustaceans with Hard Shells

Most steak and seafood restaurants can serve up some delicious crab, lobster or prawn. While seafood entrees like fish or fried oysters are fine, avoid entrees that feature crustaceans with hard shells, like lobsters and crabs. The hard shells of these seafood can cause undue pressure on your teeth. When biting down or breaking apart the hard shells with your teeth, you run the risk of dislodging or breaking off part of the filling.

Skip Sticky Sauces for the Steak

If you would prefer ordering a steak, you'll also have to think twice about the type of sauces, garnishes and sides that you're going to order as well. Avoid ordering sticky sauces like a barbecue glaze for the steak and order something that errs more on the side of being buttery or savoury instead. Although the cavity fillings may have already cured, they may still need time to set into the right place. Sticky sauces and foods cause unnecessary stress on the fillings and can cause them to become easily dislodged.

Opt for Drinks Served at Room Temperature

After getting cavities filled, your gums and teeth are still recovering. It's best to let them rest. Cold and hot drinks can both irritate your gums and further worsen tooth sensitivity. If you want to recover quickly, opt for drinks that are served at room temperature instead. For example, order a glass of soda or water without the ice, and try to forgo drinks like hot tea or iced martinis.

You probably spent a lot filling your cavities and want the fillings to last for as long as possible, so be careful with what you eat. While you can still order and enjoy a delicious dinner at a local steak and seafood restaurant, you should be wary of what you order. Choose dishes and drinks that won't cause unnecessary stress or pressure on the cavity fillings and will go easy on your recovering teeth and gums.