Events Catering: 4 Tips on Reducing Cumulative Expenses

The catering aspect is a critical element to evaluate when planning for diverse events, including corporate, weddings and even formal family functions. Ideally, there are virtually limitless options with regard to the menu and caterers. However, the potential expenses of most choices can be limiting, especially if you are on a controlled budget. Here are simple tips to help you achieve ideal event catering without exorbitant costs.

1. Leverage Promotional Opportunities

You should consider leveraging promotions for local catering businesses through your events to reduce your expenses. In simple terms, you should offer one or more caterers an opportunity to advertise their brand and products through your guests. You can choose a theme that incorporates your caterer's company name and menu. Alternatively, you can invite several local restaurants to showcase their specialty items at the venue. You can get a significant discount on the catering services by allowing the businesses to advertise openly. Unfortunately, this choice is only viable for large, corporate events.

2. Limit Labour Costs

The labour costs attached to professional catering contribute significantly to the total bill. Therefore, you can reduce your cumulative expenses by eliminating or at least limiting these charges. If you are holding a small boardroom meeting or private informal gathering, you do not require servers. The caterers can simply setup the room, and the guests can serve themselves buffet-style. For small informal parties, you can choose a family-style meal where the food is placed in platters on tables. On the other hand, this might not be a practical choice for large events because the portions need to be controlled. 

3. Skip Specialty Glasses

The glassware in the catering market is assorted, so choosing the right items for your event bar can be challenging. It is tempting and easy to select the recommended glasses for each type of beverage at the gathering. However, this option is extremely expensive because there are specialty glasses for almost every drink. If you want to cut the costs, it is critical to show some restraint when renting the bar accessories. Consider requesting for all-purpose glassware that can handle most, if not all the drinks.

4. Choose Foods Wisely

You should be smart when choosing your menu because the costs of different foods can vary widely. Generally, most people select traditional event food items such as filet mignon and classic steaks, but these are expensive. You should consider cheaper alternatives that include ethnic dishes such as vegetables, braised meat dishes and curries.