Fresh Sushi | 4 Golden Strategies To Excel At Your First Sushi Train Restaurant

If you've decided to try fresh sushi for the first time at a train-themed sushi restaurant, then you're probably unfamiliar with a few of the concepts involved in eating this delectable food fare. A sushi train restaurant transports different varieties of sushi along a conveyor belt for customers to choose from –– giving you access to more varieties of sushi. This guide is designed to help you get your order and eating approach right, so you can excel when you arrive at your first train-themed sushi restaurant.

Don't Drown Your Sushi in Sauces

When it comes to fresh sushi, many people make the mistake of submerging each piece in soy sauce and wasabi –– effectively killing the diverse flavours of the sushi fish and meat you've ordered. Remember that you want to enjoy the real taste of sushi, so a few drops of soy and a little pinch of wasabi is all you need for each piece. The pickled ginger provided with every fresh sushi dish is meant to cleanse your palate between different sushi flavours, so avoid heaping a mound of it over a piece of sushi –– this makes it impossible to taste the real fish or meat flavour of the fresh sushi.

Don't Take More Than a Single Bite

When it comes to fresh sushi, you should avoid taking more than a single bite into every piece because it can cause a mess and is considered bad manners when it comes to traditional Japanese eating customs. Good sushi catering train restaurants like Pink Rice will ensure that the sushi pieces are small enough to fit into a single bite.

Make Use of the Variety of Sushi Choices on the Conveyor Belt

Many first-time sushi eaters tend to play it safe when it comes to fresh sushi dishes, so they end up eating the same dish repeatedly on the conveyor belt. Sushi comes in a variety of different fish and meat choices – so you can choose between salmon, tuna, yellowtail, chicken, beef and much more. Don't restrict yourself to just one type of fish or meat –– take advantage of the assortment available at sushi train restaurants to expand your palate.

Eat Hand Rolls First

If you pick up hand rolls from the belt, keep in mind that they are constructed using large crispy seaweed sheets around the rice and fish. They should be eaten immediately to ensure that the crispy seaweed doesn't end up soggy –– effectively ruining its taste.

For the best fresh sushi eating experience, follow these golden strategies when visiting sushi train restaurants for the first time.